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The Movie "Radio" Analysis Essay

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Radio, Film analysis

The dramatic and uplifting movie “Radio” starring Cuba Gooding JR. and Ed Harris, is based on the true life story of James Robert Kennedy, a k a Radio; a mentally retarded young African-American who spends his days pushing a shopping cart around the streets of Anderson, a small South Carolina town, collecting junk and old radios.
The movie starts with the heartbreaking scene of Radio pushing his cart around the town, in his own little world; people are ignoring him, and a lady pulls her daughter out of the way, running towards the opposite sidewalk. Every day Radio walks by the school, watching the football team training. While lingering by the fence of the high school football field one afternoon, the boy catches…show more content…

For Christmas, Radio spends time with Coach Jones’ family, and receives presents from people all over the town. The next day after Christmas Radio does what probably not many would do, he took all the presents and put them at people’s door, wishing them “Marry Christmas”. The joy that there was on his face while he was doing that was greater than when he received the presents. Through this action Radio teaches an amazing lesson of giving, loving, and selflessness. After his mother dies, Radio is heartbroken and alone. Coach Jones continues to be by his side, and in a moment of honesty, decides to share with his daughter why was he doing what he was doing with Radio. He tells her the story about when he was a young boy and while training through the woods, he saw a boy about his age, kept inside a fenced area. He did not know what was wrong with him, but though he ran that route for two years, he “never did anything about it”. Radio appears to be his second chance to do something, a chance to redeem himself, to make a difference. Though more people become sensible to Radio, the coach's mentoring incites angry opposition from a local banker, Frank Clay whose bullying son, Johnny is the town's star athlete. Frank and his friends think that the football team is distracted by Radio’s cheerleading and that he attracts too much attention. When was

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... Radio has been one of the most important inventions that continues to aide civilization to this day. In scientific terms, radio is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic waves push into space going the speed of light, which is 300,000 kilometers per second. When equipment is attached to an antenna, the energy becomes radio waves. Some of the energy can be received by another antenna, and using a radio receiver, the energy connects the transmitter and receiver. Information that is added to the radio waves can be sent as messages known as television programs, walkie talkies, and other sources. Radio wave travel can vary with frequency and wavelength of the signal. The lower the frequency of the wave, the farther the wave will travel. When frequency builds, the wave may become blocked or bounced off mountains and buildings. At very large frequencies, weather conditions can limit the range of communication. Due to these anomalies, different frequencies can be a better fit for certain types of radio (Griffin, 2000). Short-band frequency ranges from 3 to 30 megahertz, which is a measure of hertz equaling a million. Medium-wave frequency ranges from 535 to 1,705 kilohertz and is used in A.M broadcast. Long-wave frequency ranges from 148 to 283.5 kilohertz which is a measure of hertz equaling 1,000 hertz. Hertz is a unit used to measure frequency. One hertz equals...

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