Difference Between Formal Informal Essay

Do you often encounter problems in writing your essays? Follow these simple writing hints to help you achieve ease with your writing.

Essay writing can either be informative, analytical or entertaining. Depending on the type of essay you are writing on, you can either have a formal or informal writing style. Formal writing style is often followed when essay writing for informative and analytical articles. In this case, it is necessary to consider your word choice. Certain words can contribute to the article's tune or mood. This is because the tune should be consistent with the article's purpose and general objectives. Words can either bring subtle, happy, or strong mood to your essay writing. With formal writing, words are more often technical in nature. Formal essay writing often follows a particular pattern or outline. On the other hand, informal essay writing is not very rigid with word choice. With this type of essay, you can use slang language to express your ideas and thoughts. However, do it so minimally as slang language can have variations in meaning depending on one's cultural background. To put it simply, caution must be exercised when using slang language as it could be offensive sometimes. Informal essay writing often lacks a conventional pattern. It is the style often used with writing entertaining articles.

Whichever writing style you take on, it is necessary that your essays undergo spelling and grammar checks. This would inhibit possible vagueness and confusion that come with the wrong use of tense and improperly misspelled words.

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