Apology Essay For Stealing

Stealing is an illegal act and is not tolerated by the society, as a whole. Sometimes, there arises certain situations which force you to steal even without wanting to steal. In certain cases, people just steal for the sake of nothing and when confronted, even they don’t know the reason of doing so. In certain other situations, people steal because they’ve been given a dare to steal. Whatever the reason maybe, stealing can never be justified.

Stealing has many forms. One can steal food from a departmental store or might even steal some stock kept in the office where they work. Shoplifting is also a form of stealing which is very prevalent these days. Cases from here and there about shoplifting have been reported quite frequently. Sometimes, even you can fall in such situations and end up stealing. It is important to realize that stealing is an immoral act and questions on your self-consciousness.

Apologizing for stealing by writing an apology letter is the best option because almost everybody who wants to confess finds it extremely difficult to apologize face to face. The person who steals and wants to confess, obviously feels guilty and hesitates in apologizing in person, hence writing a sorry letter is the best option.

Sample Apology Letter for Stealing

Jack Dayne

Accounts Department

Elys  Store

16, St George’s Rd

Wimbledon SW19 4DP

11 April 2014

Subject:  Apology letter for stealing the stock from go down


With immense self realization, I have brought together all the strength to write this apology letter. Sir, I am writing this letter with a dual purpose. Firstly, I want to apologize for stealing the stock from the godown the past week and secondly, I would like to thank you for not calling the police and getting me arrested.

I understand that stealing is immoral and what happened in the past week made me realize that the consequences are just not worth this illegal action. I myself have no good reason for what I did but I just want you to know that if I would’ve really thought about it, I would have never done such a shameless act.

I surely deserved a punishment for what I did but I am thankful to you for not taking any actions against me. When you came to know about it, you could have confronted me in front of the entire office which could have spoiled my image but you were too generous to do so. If you wouldn’t have explained me in private, I would have never realized how low I stooped. I am really thankful to you for giving me another chance and I assure not to repeat such act in future.

Again, I am very much in your debt for not subjecting me to charges.

Thanking You.


William Smith

Given Below are a few Apology letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Apology Letter to Wife
If you have somebody who loves you a lot, you are really lucky. Having a wife means there’s at least one person in front of whom you don’t have to pretend anything.

Apology Letter to Teacher
Many times, children in school behave badly and do not even realize their mistakes. Not just with fellow students, they also misbehave with teachers, sometimes.

Apology Letter to Customer
Seeing today’s scenario, losing a customer in business, can prove to be really costly.

Sample Sorry Letter to Boyfriend
Write an sorry letter to be very difficult, especially if you lie to someone’s heart than your boyfriend to write. Check in this example apology letter to a boyfriend.

Sample Sorry letter to Girlfriend
Write an sorry letter to be very difficult, especially if you lie to someone’s heart than your Girlfriend to write. Check in this example apology letter to a Girlfriend.

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Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)






Subject: Apology letter for stealing the residual stock from godown

Dear _____(Sir or Madam),

Sir, with great self consciousness and bringing together all the strength to write and express this one at the earliest not just to express for the sake of regret but beyond everything to thank you for having made me realize how indecent the incident was.

Without making an attempt to remind you or also to even make you responsive for my licentious behavior.

Sir, my unfaithful pressure for the said malicious event is actually a punishable offence; but your gracious and generous nature and personality will be able to forgive and give me a chance to improve and realize into positive vibrations and live a sin free life even in hard times. Assuring further to walk on the path enlightened by you forever in all the walks of life.

Thanking You

Yours truly,


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