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Monday, February 16

  1. Vocabulary Quiz #6. 
  2. 5-MINUTE DIRECTIONS:  Make a copy of this Google Doc, and create clear directions from Saugatuck High School to any business in Holland.    
  3. Read & Discuss “Process Analysis” pages 370 to 372.
  4. Read & Discuss “How to Write a Personal Letter” pages 374 to 377.
  5. 20-MINUTE LETTER:  Follow the advice in Garrison Keiller's essay and write a letter to someone special as you listen to Neil Young. The letter should be 300 to 500 words. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the document to see how to address an envelope correctly. 
  6. #8 NY TIMES 1
  7. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you will be writing your process analysis essay. Click here to see the rubric.
  8. CLASS DISCUSSION:  With a partner, read any four of the six process analysis essays written by Saugatuck High School students on this webpage. Then, for each essay, discuss specifically makes each process analysis essay a decent piece of writing. Use the following terms as applicable:  voice, tone, diction, ironic, sarcastic, dramatically short sentence, variety of sentence structure, transitions, topic, thesis, unity, organization, effective opening, and directional or informational process analysis. 

Tuesday, January 17 and Wednesday, January 18

          TODAY'S AGENDA:
  1. Review Unit #7 vocabulary words
  2. Writing Workshop 

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