Mike Callander School Of Synthesis Essay

School of Synthesis was established to bridge a significant gap in the Australian music market for unique, high-end and highly personalized short courses in music production using popular modern technology such as that offered by Native instruments, Ableton and Logic.

The School’s expert trainers will engage and inspire the students through carefully constructed and interactive project-based learning that is delivered in practical terms, based on the needs of students and designed in conjunction with interested participants from our professional network of sound designers, composers and record labels. Our short courses are conducted in groups of 8 students or less and run for a total of 18 hours across 6 weeks to ensure a thorough and intensive exploration of the content vital to each subject area.

The School of Synthesis vision is to be recognized as the most innovative electronic music training providers in Australia.

Lecturers include, Mike Callander, Davide Carbone, Shaun Keyt and special guests.

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School Of Synthesis

Mike uses Live for every project, and has done so since 2005. More recently he has turned his attentions to performing, collaborating as much as possible, and teaching Live. He co-founded the School of Synthesis in 2012, where he created, and continues to teach two courses: Alive with Ableton Live for students new to music production, and Advanced Ableton Live for students wanting to use Live as a platform for self-expression in the studio and on stage.

The School of Synthesis teaches 6-week courses in classes of up to 8 students and focuses on teaching production techniques than can be applied to any genre or project.

Please note: Ableton Certified Trainers and Ableton Certified Training Centers are private entities or enterprises and neither employees nor agents of Ableton. They are not administered by Ableton AG or Ableton Inc. The trainers and centers are solely responsible for their own course offerings and curricula. Ableton takes no responsibility or liability for the actions of the trainers or centers.

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