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  • In his book Musa Pravagans, Sorely has compared Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s poetry with great poets of other major international languages and has described Shah Latif as superior to these poets.
  • James C. Melvill, ‘Scinde, a copy of a report of Sir George Clerk, Governor of Bombay, 1848, on the Administration of Scinde, East India, Sir George Clerks minutes on Sind, p.15
  • ‘Mushaira’ is a gathering of poets, where they recite poetry before the audience.
  • A line from a couplet of Ghazal of any poet is given, to write a ‘ghazal’ on same meter with same rhyme.
  • Persian Prosody/Meter, used in Sindhi poetry
  • A poet who teaches the technique of poetry to new poets
  • One who writes ‘Ghazal’ is called Ghazalgo
  • Pain and Pleasure
  • ‘One Unit’ was an administrative order of ‘Parity’ that unified the four provinces of West Pakistan into a single province in 1954.
  • Naeen Tahi is new generation
  • Dr. Sahar Imdad Shah is an Associate Professor at Arzu Center for Vernacular Languages, School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Karachi. An acclaimed research scholar, she has presented papers on various topics of Sindhi literature, especially on Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Sachal, Sami, Sangi, Qaleech and other modern Sindhi poets. She is also a poet. She is a former journalist, and continues to write columns for various newspapers. She has published eight books.

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    Sindh’s greatest Sufi poet and mystic Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai was born in 1689 into a well-respected family of Sindh. He was never attracted to comfort, rejected the luxuries of family and home to spend his life searching for true spirituality and connection to God. Spending most of his life in deep solitary meditation, the questions that burned through his mind revolved around man’s purpose for being on earth, and his relationship with his Creator. It was through his poetry that he preached to his disciples beliefs of tolerance and love, conquering tyranny and oppression.
    Love and tolerance as propagated by Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai is what we need today to fix our society. We need the tolerance to co-exist and we need the love to show care to all beings created by God.
    Bhitai wrote poetry on the women of Sindh, admiring their courage and loyalty. He says women, who give birth to life, need to be respected and appreciated for all the struggle they go through in a world where fathers, brothers and sons dominate society. Wise women suffer because they are wise and being wise becomes a nuisance for them, says Bhitai’s mesmerising poetry, which pays tribute to women and their various abilities.
    Shah Latif’s message was not limited to one region, his philosophy of love and tolerance had no boundaries and he preached about greater harmony. Today when countries are aggressively confronting one another, conspiracy theories popping up every single second, terrorists working on their evil plans, territories becoming more precious than human life, blood of innocent people and children being shed in wars, we need the message of Bhitai to spread, We need to end these wars, stop the conspiracy game, stop the shedding of precious blood and this is what Shah Latif’s philosophy of greater harmony is all about, the best resolution of all conflicts.

    (The writer is Provincial Minister for Information and Electric Power, Government of Sindh)

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