Essay-Annual Sports Day In My School

We have our Annual Sports every year on the occasion of Basant, when the weather is very pleasant and everyone likes to be out of doors. This year we had these on the 13th of February.

The school ground was full of life and activity. The boys were in a holiday mood. The Headmaster and all the teachers were present. The students' guardians and friends were also present in quite a large number. The grounds was packed.

First of all we had a volley-ball match between the 9th and 10th classes and a football match between the lower middle and the upper middle. The volleyball match was very interesting and thrilling.

The smashes and volleys of surendra of X class, and placing, serving and 'killing the ball' at the net by Kapur of the IX class, elicited praise from one and all. It was a neck to neck fight. At last, the IX class won the match by two games. The X class students felt humbled and crest­fallen at this defeat at the hands of juniors. The football match was won by the upper middle students. They had an easy walkover over the juniors.

Next came a hockey match between the IX and X class students. Both the teams were evenly matched. The fight was hard and tough. The X class players carried the day. The hockey match was followed by a tug of war match between the staff and the VIII class students.

It was the most interesting item. The Headmaster also took part in it. The staff pulled with might and main but the boys did not budge an inch. When the boys saw that the staff was showing signs of exhaustion, they strained every nerve at one and the same time and pulled with all their strength. Their efforts were crowned with success. They carried the day. It provided a lot of fun to the spectators.

In the afternoon, we had races, long and high jumps, discus throw, the javelin throw and putting the shot. The sack race was very Interesting and enjoyable. The boys put their legs in a sack and ran. Some fell down and rolled on but they again rose to compete with others.

The biscuit race was very interesting. The biscuits were hung a little above the reach of the young competitors. Their hands were tied. Their futile attempts to jump and take a bite at the biscuits were amusing. A three-legged race was no less amusing. I liked the orange race the most. The hands of the competitors were tied tip with handkerchiefs. At a distance oranges were floating in a tub full of water.

The boy who was the first to pick up an orange with his mouth was the winner. The unsuccessful attempts of the competitors made the spectators laugh heartily. We enjoyed all the items very much. We had a beautiful time. Next day our annual sports were reported in the Tribune.


In every school the most exciting activity is the annual school sports. It is held once a year, around the month of December. The winter afternoon is the ideal time for having school sports. Our school is quite famous for its sports. Last year our annual school sports day was organized on 15 December. It was conducted for two days. The first day was the junior sports day from class 1 to 5. The second day was for the senior boys from classes 6 to 12. It was held in our school play ground.

There were many events like races, jumps, throws, hop-skip-jump, basketball, tennis, musical chairs, etc. There were obstacle and walking races too. The most popular were the marble-and-spoon-in-the-mouth and sack races. Races were also arranged for the staff, teachers and parents. The participating students were divided according to age. We have four different houses. Flags of different colours were fluttering all around the ground. All the spectators were seated on chairs beside the ground.

Our sports' teacher conducted all the events with the help of few other teachers. The sports commenced at 9 a.m. with drill and march past. The participants lined up before the start of every event and they were cheered by the spectators. They all wore vests and socks of their house colours.

The winners were given medals and cups. Unsuccessful contestants were given participation certificates. Throughout the year we have lots of activities like football, volleyball, table tennis, etc. The winners of all these events were also awarded on this day. At 4.30 p.m. our principal delivered the closing speech. He was cheered by the students, staff and parents alike. He declared holiday on the following day. Finally our annual sports day was concluded with the final march past. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and returned home with three medals.

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