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Annual Day EssayA number of functions are held every year in our school, but themost important of them is the annual day function. This year theAnnual Day function was held on the 15


of December 2011.Great preparations were made for it several days before the fixeddate. The School building and the compound was well-cleaned.Invitations were extended to the students and their Parents. OurChief Guest was Ms. Clara Mulvani and the Guest of Honour

was Mr. Dolphi D’Souza.

A day before the fixed date, theschool compound and the school hall were decorated. On theday of the function, water was sprinkled all over the compound.Necessary seating arrangement was also made in the big hall of the school. As the time drew near, the invited guests began toarrive. They were received by some Teachers and somestudents. They were well garlanded and given a hearty welcome.The function began at 6.30 p.m.. First of all March Past wasdone by some head girls, the Principal and the Guests, then thePrincipal delivered a brief welcome speech and introduced thechief guest and the Guest of Honour to the assembled people.

The Guest of Honour Mr. Dolphi D’Souza gave a short speech

about himself and his work.Parents were invited to the annual day and this caused a greatdeal of excitement in our hearts. There were dances & musicalprogrammes organized. Every student hoped that they may beable to win the first prize at these events.

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School Annual Day Function :

  • Annual Day Celebration is a great event in any school
  • In our school, we have a School Annual Day Function that is held in a grand way
  • This year, we have invited our district collector for inaugurating the function
  • I am participating in a group dance this year
  • I am so excited about our School Annual Day Function

School Annual Day Function : (Short Essay)

Our School Annual Day Function this year is the most memorable day in my school life. There are a lot of things that I enjoyed in the function. Though the celebrations were planned to be held in a sequence, it was changed in the last minute due to the late arrival of the chief guest. Still, our Annual Day Programs came out in a fantastic way. I was so excited during the prize distribution ceremony since I received 4 prizes and 2 awards this year. My father came to our School Annual Day Function this year. It was fun watching the dance programs, skits and mime with him.

School Annual Day Function : (Brief Essay)

The most awaited function for any student is the School Annual Day Function. Our School Annual Day celebrations are scheduled to happen next week and we are on fully fledged preparations of the same.

I am so delighted about the celebration because our head mistress has given me a great responsibility. She has advised me to co-ordinate the programs and participants one by one. With this great task in one hand I am also singing for a classical performance my friend is going to dance for.

Since we have a Scientist as a chief guest for our School Annual Day Function we are decorating all the classes with Science displays and projects that our students did till this year. It was a great sight to see the exhibit and that also became an important part of our function. Many students came forward to do new projects and display in the exhibit.

The main stage of our school is decorated so wonderfully and it is lights and flowers everywhere. All our staff together is planning to perform a mime on “Child labor and its impacts in Society”. Special dinner and snacks are ordered the function and student volunteers’ team is organized to distribute food to everyone on the great day.

Students are busy with regular practice session of the cultural programs and rehearsals were conducted every day after school hours. Teachers are also excited since we have planned a surprise program for them. One another delightful moment for many students is the prize distribution session and musical chair which is planned to be held at the end of the function.

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