Social Networking In Our Lives Case Study

Impact of Social Networking on our lives :-

  • Social networking is imbibed in our lives so much that this generation cannot imagine their lives without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Social networking sites changed our lives drastically that its impact cannot be ignored.
  • Positive impact :-

    • Communication has become a lot easier. We can now easily communicate and maintain relationships with people from any part of the world.
    • Social networking sites brought governance closer to people. Political leaders and govt officials are also using social network sites to interact with citizens.
    • Finding a job is never been this easier. One can buildup her/his profile online, apply for jobs and can attract the job opportunities.
    • Healthy competition of businesses. Social media acts as a level playing field for businesses to market themselves. People can now easily market their products.
    • Now people can express their opinions and can share their experiences easily.
    • Social media makes people aware of the happenings around the world.
    • It has become easier to help people in need. Whether it’s a medical emergency or a natural calamity, people are forming groups and offering help.
    • Good also spread easily. Many are now donating used items to less fortunate.
    • We are meeting like-minded people.
  • Negative impact :-

    • Social networking sites put pressure on its users to exhibit their lives as happier and different than the rest. This may stress and anxiety.
    • There is also a pressure to look more fit and beautiful. Though it’s good to some extent, it is causing unbearable stress especially among youth.
    • These sites are very distracting in nature.
    • Students are getting addicted to social media leaving their studies behind.
    • Cyber bullying and threats from strangers have increased.
    • Many are now preferring virtual communication over real conversations.
    • Some youth are getting attracted to risky trends like selfies at dangerous places.
    • Anonymity can ruin lives sometimes. People write hate and offensive comments without revealing their true identity.
    • These days fake news is going viral giving misinformation to public.

Conclusion :-

We cannot disagree with the fact that social networking sites made our lives much easier than before. Though there is some negative impact, we can mitigate it with improved awareness. We should utilize social networking sites and should not let it control our lives.

Afterwords :- Did we miss any point? What are your views on social networking? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Influence of Online Social Networks on our Youth

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Bhanusree said: (Mar 1, 2018) 
Social media is good for gathering information. More people are thinking that it is very bad yes I agree that but problems whichever coming for us is only we are responsible for that we only should what we have to do and what we don't have to do. It only depends on the user. So before using any social media just please ask about it people who already using it.

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Priya said: (Feb 27, 2018) 
According to me, there are both advantages and disadvantages of social networking.

Social networking is important in our lives because it helps us to connect with other people, it helps to. Know about new things, it helps in providing information about what is happening around the world, etc.

There are disadvantages like children's are misusing it sometimes by watching and learning bad things and it makes student addicted of social networking and take them away from. Studies.

But I think its up to us what we choose. Everything has a positive and negative perspective but important is what we choose, the positive thing from it or the negative thing from. It. Because for a developing country like India social. Networking is very important. Its only up to us what we take for us. I know there is nothing perfect in this world everything needs improvement and this sector also needs improvement like there should be more privacy and safety, terms and conditions so that using it in a wrong way become difficult for people.

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Vikas said: (Jan 25, 2018) 
Social media is bad, student using a mobile phone all time and spoil their studies. Physically and mentally not perfect. Today Indian life is digital Life but, some people miss using of digital technology.

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Adyasha said: (Dec 21, 2017) 
Hello everyone. As the topic of discussion is influence of online social networks on our youth, let me share my personal opinions on the same.

The gizmos as well as the online social networking sites have become one of the basic necessities of the youth. All the time the youngsters are found to be engaged with their mobile phones, their eyes glued on the screen for hours. This creates a bad impact on them as all these online networks divert and distract the young and ignited minds from their prime business which is to study and focus upon their professional life.

As being the youth of the modern generation, it is natural that they are fickle as well as single minded for which they get inclined towards the modern technology beyond a permissable limit and lose their enthusiasm to shoulder the responsibility of developing their motherland by working for its progress and prosperity. Though the social networking sites connect us with our nearer and dearer ones but in practice we misuse the technology and get addicted to it.

So concluding I would like to say that excess of anything and everything is bad. So we should use the facilities provided to us by science and technology in a righteous manner to modernise further in future. Thank you.

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Mad said: (Dec 18, 2017) 
In today's world, where everything is just one click away. Social networking sites have become the need of the present world.

Social networking sites and social media has revolutionized the world, bringing us closer than ever before and making life easier. They are very much useful not only to the youths but to all generations.

However, every coin has two sides and addiction to anything is always bad. Being on social networking site means one should be social but we are social more on networking sites and are keeping our self\'s away from social life.

These networking sites are changing the mindsets of the youths, people are living in the virtual world and trying to present a virtual picture of their life and updating on social sites. We are not enjoying our real life but trying to pretend our virtual world to be perfect. We are publishing our personal life for a few minutes of attention among few people in the virtual world.

Too much use of social networking sites is making individuals dumb. Thus, today's youth are engaged in cyber crimes. In the end, I would like to say social networking is a medium through which we can learn things broadcast our knowledge, experience, and views. We can either misuse this or use it for a better life. All depends upon us and the choice is ours.

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Kowsalya said: (Oct 25, 2017) 
Social media means connecting the people in all over the world within a seconds. Once upon a time, communication is very difficult. Because there is no communication facilities. Anything we would be share while we directly go and see the share with our information or thoughts. So nowadays it's very easy. Because any emergency period, within a second to gain help with others. So it's very necessary nowadays. Anything in the world, all are having some merits and demerits. But how we can use it. It's very important.

Thank you so much.

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Mishra Sh said: (Aug 26, 2017) 
Nowadays the average time a person spends on social networking sites is continuously increasing. Networking sites have had its own pros and cons. Let's first discuss the pros of these.

*It is very useful for the people who are very shy to speak people face to face to communicate.

*it keeps everybody aware what is happening around us.

*for very people social networking sites are the medium of earning money. The Internet has had given a lot of people employed.

*internet nowadays is biggest learning stage.

By the use of social networking sites, it became very easy to teach people ethics and etiquettes.

Let's now discuss the cons of these-.

*because of the internet youths have forgotten to play physical games. They like to spend more time on these sites rather than playing games, meeting peoples.

*virtual life nowadays is more important than real life.

*Lack of privacy.

* spreading rumors has become very easy.

Cyber crimes have been increased.

It is totally upon us to choose real life over virtual life.

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Neha Azad said: (Aug 23, 2017) 
I am very happy to express my view on this to topic.

Actually, social media is a very good platform with the help of this you can share information, photo, video, personal message etc. Social media is very important for all a person and I want to use people to Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Hike if you will use to this app than better for you.

In my opinion, there are 3 kinds of behavior that social media users did,

1. Sharing their personal life.
2. Seeking for updated news.
3. An observer who just see the what other people shared.
Social media has two things.
Advantage and disadvantage these two things are is up to you.
Let me first point out the good effect.

1. It can be used to create and maintain relationships.
2. It reduces distance between the communication.
3. It can be used for advertising products on a commercial level.

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Sanju said: (Aug 17, 2017) 
Nowadays, social media plays an important role on youth. In a positive way, its is used to gain a knowledge and sharing a knowledge and ideas. In a negative way, the spend a lots of time for unwanted chat and they loss their concentration. It will leads to spoil their life. So, its purely based on us.

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Bhavani said: (Jul 27, 2017) 
Social media is a good platform where we can easily communicate with the people today there are lot of social medias like Whatapp, facebook, twitter etc.

Most of the people are busy with their work in this competitive world so they have no time to read newspapers and listen to the radio so by doing their work and also at the same time they easily get to know what is going on in this world. Here one can share and exchange the knowledge but nowadays youth are spending a lot of in chatting so one must have a presence of mind to use in a right manner.

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Pankaj Chaudhary said: (Jul 27, 2017) 
Hi Guy's. My name is Pankaj.

I am very happy to express my view on this topic.

Actually, Social Media is a very good platform with the help of this you can share information, photo, video, personal message etc. In America, According to a Sarvey Report, 84% of people have a Facebook account and over 60% of 13 to 17 years old have at least one social account, spending more than 2 hours in a day.

So, as my point of view if you are using any social site as a limited way so this is very good for you but you are a habit of any social site like Facebook so this is very harmful.

Thank you.

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Akash said: (Jul 22, 2017) 
As every coin has two side social media is boon and bane. Social media connects the world. Spreads many opportunities through the post. Spread awareness among people. But it also has bad effects it can be like a drug for one of wasting time in chatting.

That's why according to me it's boon and bane.

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Dheepak said: (Jul 20, 2017) 
Social media is both boon & bane based on using a person. It's a platform to build a network of a like-minded people, expression of new ideas, and etc.

I say social media is a boon because I get the many ideas from the social media. We sear our falling and our ideas to the other people & get late of new ideas.

Easily communicate with the unknown person sear some Thetas.

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Karthik said: (Jul 17, 2017) 
Hello, everyone.

Social media is "Any websites that allow social interaction, communicating with People Very easily, social media growing rapidly through the world more adult & teenager is engaged such as Facebook Twitter Manu more or Will helps to interact with friends, familly & stranger it helps Very easily way to spread information & get the information & it effects each individual in différently today it can be Very useful but at thé same time cause such conflict which cam negatively impacts thé person some of the negative associated some time wrong information it gives, privacy stranger can see thé your personal information,

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Digvijay said: (Jun 17, 2017) 
I thinking Social network come into existence for the purpose of imparting knowledge, for innovative idea, for creating awareness by providing information etc. But our youth is misusing it. They spent lot of time in chatting, uploading pics, Sharing meme etc. Because of which for eg if you take facebook there are more pics uploaded and memes in almost everyones news feed. Which shows that our youth spending lot of time in this. Though FB provides very valuable pages which gives us knowledge. At last I want to say that if we are utilizing it for our growth and for learning it is the best place in today's life to be on your toe with others. But misusing Social network is definitely a bane for all of us.

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Swaru said: (Jun 16, 2017) 
Hi friends!

I'm also the one of the best users of social networks.

Nowadays, the youth are much busy in their works in this competitive world. So they don't have time to read the newspaper and get information through Television and FM.

So they use social networks like whatsapp, hike, youtube, twitter and so many apps to know what is happening around us.

And also we don't have time to speak with people daily who are very close to us. In that situation, they use to contact through the social network.

Every thing is fine with the social network but not 100% because the youth doesn't know what is right or what is wrong. Some may lead to a problem. So the CONCLUSION is that influence of social media is good but at the same time, the youth should much smarter to right views of others to influence you.

Thank You.

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Ysreddy said: (Jun 15, 2017) 
Hi, Friends.

I am very happy to share my views and thoughts impacts on social media.

Social media is a good platform to interact people in the longer distance without hesitation and also easily to mingle with others, within a short period of time for that we can use save time and also we can do another work at same time.

Social Media is a powerful weapon, if we are thinking good mindset and utilising manner it will helpful you and others. In that, so many innovative things and options is available to carry and share our thoughts and information to Society.

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Kiran Ghughuskar said: (Jun 15, 2017) 
Social media is a good platform to connect with people. It has a both merits and demerits. It's up to us, How we use it. Because of social media peoples are come close together. We can chat with the peoples by sitting for long distances. Awareness also spread in a little time all over the world. But it is bad if we are addicted to. Many people spent most of theit time on social media. Students waste their useful time. Because of social media moral values are to be ended. Peoples doesn't believe in face to face meetings. But face to face meetings also needed. Because of that, we understand peoples easily.

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Vishal said: (Jun 11, 2017) 
It totally depends on how you use it. Nowadays, people are just addicted to these sites and they leave all their work to check their notifications again and again. After waking up in the morning and before sleeping also people check these sites. These sites are just a medium to stay connected. But people don't understand that and are wasting their time. Instead, people should take up some hobby or keep themselves busy. Even I was a part of it so I know its addiction like a cigarette and how difficult it is to get over it. I have now taken up a hobby to improve my English and write blogs and become a writer in near future. I have started with reading and offering my views on such sites. Indiabix is a good platform.


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Abhishek Nair said: (May 29, 2017) 
Influence of social media on our youth completely depends how strongly they hold morals and values, the awareness about repercussions of misuse of online social networks and how bad habits can hamper their future. Instead of misusing and making social networks a bane for themselves, the same could be prooved as boon if it is used wisely and constructively.

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Sai Radha said: (May 26, 2017) 
Hi friends.

Social media has both positive and negative impacts. But it depends on how we use it.

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Prashanthi said: (May 22, 2017) 
According to me, Social media is creating and sharing the information interacted people in online.

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Latha said: (May 5, 2017) 
Hai everyone,

This is Latha, According to my point of view, the social networking best medium with which we connect with the people who are far away. For example, if we take a knife, with knife we can cut vegetables at the same time we also kill someone. So anything which may be good or bad depends on how we are are using.

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Madhavi said: (Apr 26, 2017) 
As per my opinion, social media is launched to get connected with people. It has wide area connectivity. Since childhood, we all like to make new friends and always wish to share max time with them. So there is no harm to use social media till you have the capability to understand who are good and who will be problematic to you.

As we all know anything which comes to online has some disadvantages. Instead of cursing social media sites there should be a proper training to be given to students of the school and colleges about its risk.

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Nikhil said: (Apr 21, 2017) 
According to me, Social networking sites are now used for spreading fake news and to provoke people to create a mess in the society. As what I feel that the influence of online social network creates the communal riots, terrorist attacks and even paid news for a person to be the target. So, it has a more negative impact rather than positive impact.

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Anil Pm said: (Mar 22, 2017) 
Social media which gives us social and cultural awareness these two make us good responsible citizen.

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Sandeep Singh said: (Mar 22, 2017) 

Friends, I am Sandeep, social media is very important for all person and I want to use people to Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Hike if you will use to this app than better for you.

I will want to say before all people use to news paper and they wanted to give suggestion after reading but they did not know how will send his suggestion. But now mostly all person use to Whatsapp, Twitter etc. So they send his suggestion.

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Mayank said: (Mar 14, 2017) 
Hello. Guys as I think the topic given to us "Social Websites beneficial or not" is very interesting as. All of us are using social media. But as we just look forward we found that it has both pro and cons just like a coins has head or tail.

On one hand, it has made us connected with the diff people to learn share our views, helped us in increasing our productivity and creativity. On the other hand, it has also transformed our life style.

Some of issues.

1. Teenagers using social media don't know what is correct and what is wrong.

2. Youth waste most of his time on social media.

3. Your real-time location can be traced out. (which is used in crime in some cases in past).

4. All your personal chatting and personal information are saved and which may be sold out.

5. There is no such a genuine proof of a person. Many of crimes i.e. cheating, even smuggling of child, kidnap.

6. People gets addicted to social media. Which cause lacks in you are concentration.

Please suggest me if any improvement is there.


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Dinesh said: (Mar 9, 2017) 
I think there is no bad or good impact in the case of social media.

Because we are making the good or bad impacts; so they depend upon us.

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Sarika Anand said: (Mar 7, 2017) 
In my opinion, it's up to how we use the outcome depends on our doing. If use in a bad manner and for wrong purposes, it exploits our personal life professional life by deterioration of our reputation breaking relationships creating a trench between the interaction with our friends and family. But if we use it for our good purposes then it's a boon for us. It helps us in overcoming our fear, depression, and helps in making new friends, gives new opportunities in our career but only in that case if we use it in limit and don't get addicted.

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Rajesh said: (Mar 5, 2017) 
Today, the availability of the social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+, Orkut, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Information about individuals is freely available to all. One can easily be in touch with thousands of individuals across different phases of their life. One is regularly updated with personal information, photographs, thoughts, opinions, and lots of other aspects of an individual's life.

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Vignesh said: (Mar 2, 2017) 
Nowadays, youngsters have not look up in TVs or any other entertained one, they have the whole world in their hand are facebook and Whatsapp, it is easy way to knowing the information and if any other issues are running that it can be better way to search in google and understanding their doubts.

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Keshab said: (Feb 17, 2017) 
The topic is very interesting. I want to say that actually social media is cream in between bad or good impact and also impact fully depend upon user how use thank you.

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Jagadeesh said: (Feb 14, 2017) 
Hello I'm Jagadeesh, yeah, of course, our topic is good it is very useful now-a-days that is social media, it's like a mediator between the customer and marketing sellers. It is also useful for publishing the products, promotions advertisements etc. The free of cost we can publish our products. The main disadvantage is that is the if we want to access the internet we have pay 296 rupees for 1GB data. If we promote a product on social media it can be reached to billion people with the cheap cost that data price.

The social media will support online banking it is very useful for the present situation which is demonetization. It is processed to get any type of product in online shopping.

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Prakash said: (Feb 10, 2017) 
Hello to Everyone.

I am Prakash Samal from Bangalore. Our topic is quite interesting for all because of we all familiar with it. Now, coming to the point, as we know that It has some good and also carries the bad thing or we were experiencing badly. If I talk about the good thing then perhaps we all knew the working in Facebook or any social networking sites for eg sharing videos, moments, publishing notice etc. But if you do the things beyond your limits then that makes you crime like as posting the nasty pic etc. Lastly, I conclude that we must use it but the priority and time must take care by yourself, not by the social networking.

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Anshika said: (Feb 9, 2017) 
Social media has positive as well as negative effects. But negative effects are more than that of positive effects.

- Social media leads to addiction. Spending countless hours on social sites can divert the focus & attention from a particular task. It lowers the motivational level of the people especially teens & students.

- Kids can be greatly affected by these social networking sites if they are allowed to use them. The reason is that people share photos on social media contains violence which can damage the behaviour of kids & teenagers & teenagers involve themselves in crime related activities.

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Shivam Singh said: (Feb 8, 2017) 
Social networks is good for those who are good as well as bad for bad.

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Hari Kishore said: (Feb 3, 2017) 
Hi friends,

This is Hari Kishore.

Social media is good for communication and learn about something. It is used to improve our skills and gives us more results like what is what? It is very useful to everyone. Social media has two things,

Advantage and Disadvantage these two things are is up to you.

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Nidhi said: (Feb 3, 2017) 
According to me, it is true that social media has many advantages and disadvantages. But we use it carefully and on our demand. Its limited use is good for us.

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Chandra said: (Feb 2, 2017) 
According to me social networking is one of the form of communication and which should be used in right way.

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Sambeet said: (Jan 26, 2017) 
Social media has equal number of pros and cons. However I think that the effect of the cons are more dominating the pros. Let me first point out the good effects:

1. It can be used to create and maintain relationships.

2. It reduces distance between the communication.

3. It can be used for advertising products on a commercial level.

4. It can be used to organise events.

5. Finally, It is becoming one of the fastest way to propagate news among youngsters since 70% to 80% of the netizens are youths.

Now, lets take a look at the darker side:

1. Although social media can be used to build up relationships, the internet is an infinite ocean where anyone with good experience can leak out personal and private information. Your security is always at risk.

2. Even though social media was introduced to make communication more convenient, people today have reached a point where they've literally stopped communication the conventional way. Also, there has been tremendous rise in the usage of internet slang and people are slowly losing their knowledge on the English language.

3. We see a lot of products advertised on the internet. However, statistics suggest that for most of these companies that advertise, the income they get through online trajectory is way too less compared to other means. So online advertisements are not much of an effect.

4. The social media has almost replaced TVs as the primary source of entertainment. And major share goes to the memes created and posted in the social media. These memes depict in a way the current scenarios or may be something related to daily happenings and they depict them in a sarcastic way. When such things are conveyed in a sarcastic I tone, it surely affects our level of understanding of the issue.

5. This is the most negative impact of social medias on youth. We all are addicted. And it is increasingly becoming serious. We stay online most of the times literally doing nothing. It greatly affects our productivity.

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George said: (Jan 26, 2017) 
In my opinion, social media cannot be defined as either good or bad.

How it turns out will be up to the person using social media be it good or bad.

Because if a person uses social media for bad things then it is bad for that person.

But if it used for something good then it is good for that person.

So it all depends on the person using social media.

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Kavi Telaprolu said: (Jan 22, 2017) 
Hello friends, In my point of view, social network looks like a coin, why because. Coin has 2 faces (head & tail) at the same like social network also has advantages and disadvantages. We all have some maturity right. So we use in only in a good manner, not in misuse way.

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Saurav Kumar said: (Jan 18, 2017) 
According to my point of view, Everything in this world has its aspects. Then how can we forget about social media? It has also its advantage and disadvantage. But it totally depends on us how we use it in daily practice if we use it for good purpose then it is good, if we use it for bad then it is bad. But formerly social media is known for the stock of information through which we can get lots of information, ideas, thoughts and can share emotion and ideas by sitting in homes and talk to people who are living far from us. And also connected with the current news whatever happening in the country through social media.

So lastly I would like to say that social media plays a vital role in the world.

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Arun said: (Jan 17, 2017) 
Hello, friends.

In my way, social network is good because he has many shortcuts for our works but it creates an evil because he came in people's hands they misuse social network.

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Yash said: (Jan 15, 2017) 
Internet and social network is play very important role in youth life but some thing like fb what's app is make bad impression on youth. They attach with mobile laptop and do not care about his study and daily life. They attached with mobile laptop like his life and don't care of his studies and assignment.

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Xyz said: (Jan 9, 2017) 
Social network is one of the most important part and bad in my opinion . now days all are using networking for example Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc most important network . Facebook is good and bad we can use good things in that we can communicate each other easily . we can improve our communication and knowledge .

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Ankit Verma said: (Dec 30, 2016) 
Good Afternoon.

According to me, social media plays a very important role on youth life. Nowadays it becomes a part of our daily life.


1 with the help of social media we could connect to everyone around the world and through we can't share our views and emotion in the front of the world.

2 lots of surveys done on the social media, with the help of social media we got news.

3. Social media is a tool or plate form which provides us opportunity to support the decision taken by government/ higher authority. Go against decision take by the government/ higher authority.

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Naresh said: (Dec 20, 2016) 
Yes, online social network is influencing youth a lot but in my point of view the way it influence on the person is dependent on his or her own mind sets. Socialnetworking is just a platform to enhance yourself in a better way but its not sure that it always helps, its depend upon the mindset of the youth.

Thank you.

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Akanksha Sahu said: (Dec 19, 2016) 
Hi, this is Akanksha.

It's correct that everything has its pros and cos and of course social media is not an exception.

But for me it's a boon because when one gauze social media's pros and cos, pros will be weighed high.

Social media definitely bring everyone in a single plateform to share their views, feelings emotions etc without being baised. Now a days social sites are used for professional work also. Like in whatsapp and Facebook groups are created in which day to day updates arrives, one gets task to be performed next through these sites. Many deals are being done through these medias even without a single meeting. So these are some ways by which socia media is good and has become integral part of youth's life.

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Flower Mariya said: (Dec 16, 2016) 
Social media.

It has many positive and negative sides. In my opinion, I'm supporting social medias. Because it gives much knowledge. It also has many negative sides. Like it affects our family because spending the time with family is decreasing. So make sure that if it is helpful or not and decide your choice.

Be positive in all cases.

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Sashikanta Panigrahi said: (Dec 13, 2016) 
Hi friends, This is Sashi.

Well, I must say social networking sites are the platforms where a person can easily share his emotions or opinions to his friends and other people. And at the same time it has also some disadvantages but if we think about the negativity then we can not grow up. So we have to take it in a positive manner. Nowadays some popular social networking sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc are playing important role to boost our skills and knowledge. So we must utilize these in a positive manner.

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Ajit said: (Dec 12, 2016) 

This is Ajit.

Friends. Nowadays social media has become an integral part of life. Apart from sharing each other's feelings, views and ideas social media is being used for promotion, advertisements and selling commodities. Moreover one acquires a unique perspective on the life and problems of others to whom one interacts with, which is helpful in an enhancement of real life social skills.

In life, we are often subjected to good or bad choices it is only we ourselves who can decide what we want in life. And remember roses bear thorns also.

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Suraj Anand said: (Dec 6, 2016) 
Social networks sites are a very good platform to share idea and views. A social network means the connection of social people, in the social media people can connect their relatives, friends and with unknown people whom they never met face to face. A news spread with more than light of speed. Every organization, celebrities are directly connected to their follower and fans. And they can talk and share any updates. Social networks are only platforming to discuss any topics, any issue. Its influence on all age groups either youth or others. But for the youth they connected more people whom they never met, but they don't talk to their relatives and friends daily who are connected face to face.

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Chukwu C.N. said: (Nov 24, 2016) 

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